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Collecting baseball cards (or any sports cards) is a hobby that spans a wide range of different collectors of all ages. The hobby is as old as the first baseball card ever printed. Each collector has different goals and a different budget, and there is a large number of products available to suit each collectors needs.

However, there is one series of modern sets that seem to have an almost cult-like following, attracting collectors of all types and all budgets. That is Topps Heritage. In my opinion, the Topps Heritage series of sports cards may be the best overall modern set of the last several years. Collectors have been in love with this product since day one. Consistently, year in and year out since it's beginnings in 2001, Topps Heritage baseball cards have continued to gain popularity. Topps Heritage is a jewel in the hobby, unlike too many of the other products.

I hope you find this site to be useful. My goal is to make this as comprehensive of a Topps Heritage site as possible, with as many resources as possible. It might take me a long time, but I'll gradually add information to the site. I know baseball card collectors are often in need of checklists, and lists of short-printed baseball cards, so I will tried to cover everything on one website. Please take the time to browse all of the pages, and start collecting more sports and non-sports Topps Heritage trading cards! Baseball, Football, Basketball, Hockey, and even some "retro" WWE (WWF) wrestling cards!. I also have other pages dedicated to particular "retro" sets that do not necessarily fall under the "Topps Heritage" umbrella, but are great sets themselves. Please see the site map for a complete view of the various sets and topics this site covers.

The basic concept of the Heritage series is to follow the design of original vintage Topps cards, beginning with Topps' first major baseball issue in 1952. Therefore, the 2001 Heritage set being the first Heritage release, was modeled after 1952 Topps cards. The 2002 Heritage set was modeled after 1953 Topps, 2003 looks like 1954 Topps, and so on.

More than any other recent card set, Topps Heritage has attracted and brought together both modern as well as vintage baseball card collectors in ripping open packs of these cards and re-living some days gone by. There is a large community of collectors that enjoy sharing their pack opening experiences and trading cards with each other to complete the set. Some collectors try to put together an entire "Master Set" consisting of all the base cards, short prints, chromes, refractors, and inserts. Other collectors are satisfied just by completing a base set, which can be a tough task by itself.

Every year, with each new Topps Heritage release, the previous years enjoy a rise in popularity. More collectors discover the series, and then get the urge to build the previous years sets.

I've collected cards for most of my life, off and on since I was 9 years old, but I just re-started collecting heavily a few years ago. When I came back to the hobby, I discovered the Topps Heritage series, and it was immediately my favorite modern baseball card set.

Topps also includes a stick of great gum! Now they even include sugar free gum in some packs, and it's still good! It's not the old brick gum that you usually associate with Topps.

Please bookmark this site, and post a link to the site on forums to share it with other sportscard collectors! Come back and visit the site often for your Topps Heritage reference material, I hope to continue adding quality information for sports card collectors.

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